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richard davies

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Here we explore the real life filming locations in the stunning countryside of Andalucia.

In the province of Almería travelling through the stunning Parque Natural Cabo de Gata - Nijar, moving into the Desert of Tabernas, Sierra Filabres, Sierra Alhamilla and the Sierra Cabrera.

On route through these incredible locations we will visit actual filming sites from Sergio Leone´s Dollars Trilogy, Once Upon a Time in the West, Sexy Beast and Steven Spielberg´s Indiana Jones to name but a few.

Welcome to the jewel in the crown of Andalucia

This is location comparison with the movie location during filming and the same location today.

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Click here to explore the towns & villages of Almeria
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The Jones's go into a tunnel to escape the Nazis in 'The Last Crusade'. Location is an abandoned gold mine in Rodalquilar. Nearly one hour of the film was shot in Almeria
Blondie & Tuco share the bounty after escaping the hangmans noose. Not in Mexico but Tabernas in Spain. Sergio Leone shot all the Spaghetti Westerns in Almeria.
This site was originally created in 2008 with the name Frontier Tours - I no longer live in Almeria but a piece of me remains in this amazing place and I hope you enjoy exploring the province as I did way back when. All photo's are now at least ten years old so there may be a few changes.
This is a non-profit website but I feel worth sharing with anyone who maybe interested.
Click the film cards to see movie locations in Almeria
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