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richard davies


In 1995 a friend asked if I wanted to help him take some photo's of a motorway at night time. Armed with an old Konica camera, tripod and cable release, we stood on a bridge over the A34 near Oxford in the freezing cold and took some long exposures of the busy road beneath.


The next day I went along to his college to help process the films and develop the images in the dark room. As we watched the images slowly appear in the gloom I was hooked!

Moving forward to present day Digital Photography I still get a buzz developing my images, albeit using a computer instead of a dark room!

Having lived and worked in lots of different towns and cities across three countries, I love to explore my surroundings and relish new adventures in photography. Now living and bringing up my children in Kendal, the perfect place for getting out and about with my camera.

I shoot with Nikon full frame, mirrorless equipment for still photography and FHD and 4K video using 3-axis gimbal stabilisation, utilising industry standard software for editing my photos and videos.

Why not get in touch with your project and let's see what we can do!

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