richard davies


Having been involved with many photographic and advertising projects this is a part of photography I enjoy the most.


I can produce a portfolio that will showcase your products to the highest standards, ensuring your target demographic can see your hard work in the best possible light.

More recently, alongside traditional real estate photography, virtual property tours through video are used to great effect, which I can also produce with full HD stabilised video footage. This could be very useful to estate agents enabling the client to view every aspect of a property from their home computer or mobile device.

If you are in the hospitality business then staying ahead of the competition is key. I can create a set of your signature dishes that will look mouth watering and will look great in a menu design, website or across social media.

I have several accounts with stock photography websites, selling images of food products.

A great photo of a meal is the difference between customers walking in or walking past. Don´t compromise!