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richard davies

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I worked at heightec, in Kendal, as a graphic designer and product photographer.

My role was to photograph their large range of commercial climbing harnesses and rope devices, making all images and artwork available to all departments for production packaging, labelling and marketing.


I also produced a range of brochures maintaining layout and typography styles and updating and producing tables to display information.

Instructional videos were also produced - These were story boarded, filmed and edited by myself demonstrating the correct circumstances and usage of their products.

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The production of high quality images that displayed the products and their technical features to illustrate the usability and quality through photography and graphic design.
I managed a small photo studio and co-ordinated video production, working from storyboards, written by myself, that best display product functionality
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heightec provide everything you need for technical work at height - offering a full range of technical work kits and rescue systems, competence based specialist training, expert safety auditing, consultancy, inspection and testing services
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graphic design
heightec catalogues
graphic design
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Flawless publications were printed as a result of thorough proof reading, impeccable
design and photo editing
All work was created with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, using Paragraph Styles and Tables for consistent layout and design across a number of different catalogues
All these publications required Epson proof reading before being published
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D44 for instructions OBLIQUE feed.jpg
D44 for instructions threaded feed.jpg
Working closely with the design team and using 3D renders imported into Adobe Illustrator to produce detailed user instruction illustrations
social media
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vortex social.jpg
Weekly e-shots were generated for existing and potential customers and social media post were created to run alongside these and were posted on Facebook and LinkedIn. These e-shots and social media posts advertised upcoming training schedules and locations and also product features, new product releases and rope devices
I produced a number of video clips designed for instructional and circumstantial purposes. This required the co-ordination of training executives and stock allocations to ensure I had the correct equipment and the best qualified trainer to demonstrate the equipment at it's best.
I would produce story boards to keep the film as clear and concise as possible. This included a mix of still photographs with live action sequences and subtitles describing the relevant details.
Audio was added and synchronised with the film.
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