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richard davies

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The Ultimate Guide started out as a series of four publications covering different businesses.


Real Estate - Sales and Rentals

Hospitality - Bars & Restaurants

Services - Plumbers, Vehicle repairs, etc

Lifestyle - Home, Leisure, Entertainment, etc

Each glossy magazine was produced bi-monthly and targeted at the English ex-pat community and Spanish locals in the towns and villages surrounding Mojacar on the Andalucian coast in Spain.

Written in both English and Spanish,  The Ultimate Guide provides an advertising platform for small businesses and multi-national advertisers alike.

The immediate success was the inclusion of photography and design for small business advertisers that didn't have marketing materials available.

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I was commissioned to setup The Ultimate Guide in 2010.

I produced 100's of adverts showcasing a wide range of businesses from jewellers to paintball parks.

This included professional photography which became the foundation for my commercial photography today

The Ultimate Guide is not just an advertising directory, every issue I sourced editorial content to match seasonal trends.

The Ultimate Guide has now been consolidated into one monthly magazine and is written in English only and remains a successful and popular coffee table publication today. Something I am proud to have developed from scratch.

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