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Not one of the best movies ever made, but noteable for its actors and location. Michael Crawford (It aint half hot mum and The Phantom of the Opera) plays the inept Lt Goodbody and Gripweed played by John Lennon.
Filmed at Playa de Los Muertos, Carboneras and the desert of Tabernas.

This page is also a small homeage to John Lennon as he spent some time in Almeria.


John Lennon in Almeria


John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever in this southeastern city of Spain. He got inspiration for the song in 1966, during the six weeks he spent filming How I won the war.


Furthermore, John came back from Almeria with his forever present "granny" glasses. Not to mention, Ringo and George visited him. Ringo liked it so much he came back in 1971 to film "Blindman".

John Lennon on the beach outside Hostal El Delfin Verde, 1967
Hostal Delfin Verde (the Green Dolphin) August 2010

El Zapillo is the beach of the city of Almería. John Lennon was lodged in a small apartment called "El delfín verde" (the green dolphin) near the seafront during his first weeks there. It was here where Douglas Kirkland took the photo of John on the bed with a guitar (see above) and a casette recorder.


John begun writing the song here but without the main verse. When Ringo came for John´s 26th birthday, Cynthia decided to move to a larger place, Santa Isabel, where the song was completed.

"El Manzanilla" was a restaurant located a few metres from the Delfín Verde. Lennon and his friends used to have dinner here, and it was the place where they celebrated his 26th birthday.


The photos taken by John Howard, César Lucas, Douglas Kirkland and others connect Lennon and these pieces for the Beatles fans.

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