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Mini Hollywood or Oasys is located on the edge of the Tabernas desert, about 20 kms from Almería on the N-340 towards Sorbas (or on the other side of Sorbas - depending where you are travelling from).


Mini Hollywood is one of three western sites in the desert of Tabernas. There is also Western Leone and Fort Bravo. All of these attractions were used for the locations of over 100 films during the 60´s, 70´s and 80´s and have been used more recently for several more features.


Oasys was built in the 60´s for Sergio Leones´ movie For a Few Dollars More and there after The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Since the huge success of `The Dollars Trilogy´ the Desert of Tabernas has been used in 100´s of movies.


Western Leone was also built for Sergio Leone´s Once Upon a Time In The West with Charles Bronson. This site is far less commercialised than Oasys, offering a truly authentic feel for the scenes from this movie.


Although these are large studio sets, there are other sets or small ruins of long abandoned villages that have also been used for movie locations that are there for the finding - and as mentioned before on this site, you don´t have to be a movie buff to enjoy this area, the real star of the show is the dramatic beauty of the rugged Badlands of Andalucia (and Europe).


As you explore the park there are a variety of bars/restaurants around the site offering a choice of substantial sized snack such as hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and a variety of healthy options in which I didn´t indulge! Drinks machines, too, are positioned discreetly all around the park.


You are permitted to take a picnic to enjoy at the many seating areas - however, although the restaurants are reasonably priced and well worth not having to carry around a heavy picnic box with you all day. Remember this is a desert! Hot, Hot, Hot!


Click on the calendar to check opening times for 2020 or go to their website for full details:

All images on this page were photographed in 2010, so there maybe some changes


Meanwhile back at camp - Oasys offers everthing for a great day out. Apart from the attention to detail of the western town and the actors/staff, who are all very helpful and friendly, there is also an excellent zoo with healthy looking animals in clean, spacious enclosures, set in an oasis of water features and palm trees.


Inside the Yellow Rose Saloon, where you can enjoy your food and drink and take in a show or two, and relax.


A little walking is involved, but it is mostly downhill.
A train service is always running to bring you back up allowing you to view parts of the zoo and park while
you sit back and relax.


After your meal why not enjoy a siesta by the beautiful pool before you catch the afternoon show in the main square.

There are two shows every day, the first at 12.00 midday and the second at 17.00. You can watch the show from nearly all the upper and lower terraces around the town square, so why not watch both for a different perspective.

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