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richard davies

Los Escullos is a small fishing village located in the bay of it´s namesake, under the hill of the Friar and next to Playa Arco, in an environment which boasts geological wonder with its fossilized dunes, which look like exposed reefs, and it´s volcanic cliffs and outlaying islands are a sight well worth a visit. If you have an appetite for leaping into the sea from high boards, then the moon-like rock ledges next to Playa Arco offer excellent spots to dive into the deep clear waters below, whether it be 1 metre or 30 metres. Do so at your own risk...


100 metres further down the track you will find La Bateria de San Felipé. Built under the reign of Carlos the 3rd around 1800, this majestic structure was built to protect this vulnerable stretch of coast from marauding pirates. These battlements are dotted all across the Cabo de Gata and and La Bateria de San Felipé faces the nearby Bateria de San Ramón at Playa Playazo, Rodalquilar. Although San Ramón is now a private dwelling, you are permitted to walk around the exterior and see the stunning sea views it once protected.


Follow the tarmac track past the Bateria de San Felipé, pass a ruin on the left and continue until the tarmac gives way to a heavily battered pathway/camino that requires a vehicle with high clearance, not necessarily 4X4 but definately big wheels.
I have yet to find out what can be found at the top end of the path in fear of damaging my small car, but I´m sure an unrivalled view awaits those that brave `The route of the pirates´.

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