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Las Negras is a lovely feature of Cabo de Gata´s spectacular geology and fishing environment.

At the end of the bay is El Cerro Negro, an impressive rock formation that looks like lava has just spilled out of the mountainside and set solid.

The village of Las Negras is formed by a group of simple houses, whitewashed, with a few hostels and B&B´s by the sea, ideal for relaxation and total tranquility.

Currently, several new buildings have sprung up, and has made a thorough renovation of the urban area, without spoiling the traditional spanish `pueblo blanco´ character.

las negras town.jpg

Above - The small fishing village at the end of the road in the heart of Cabo de Gata


Below - Take a 90 minute walk over the mountain and you will be rewarded with the beautiful bay Cala San Pedro with stunning beach and castle ruin.


As you walk from the fuente towards the beach, Cala San Pedro becomes even more unreal feeling like you have stumbled into a dream, there are more and more small dwellings built from natural resources fitted into the green, landscaped track towards the sea.

The beach is beautiful, white soft sand, shallow crystal clear water tempting anyone to venture in for a dip anytime of year. At the far eastern end of the beach, there is more evidence of permanent settlers here in the shape of hundreds of stacks of rocks spreading around the bay.


There were people milling about around their homes, who seemed happy for me to be wandering about taking pictures, although I did feel a little intrusive in their beautiful environment.

Siempre estaras aqui
Siempre estaras con nosotros

cala san pedro.jpg
cala san pedro beach.jpg

As much of the southern coastline in Spain, Pirates targeted the shores of Cabo de Gata and Las Negras and Cala San Pedro was no exception.
In 1501 three fortifications were put in place in the bay but with no superstructure they were dismantled years later in danger of collapse.

In 1571 a stronger castle was built by the fresh water spring. The structure was completed in 1583. There were at least two raids from pirates during the 16th century but an earthquake hit the castle hard and it collapsed, but was rebuilt and reinforced. In the 19th century it was abandoned and fell into ruin.


The small village, which owes it´s name to the impressive hill Cerro Negro, which it lies next to, was once an unspoiled paradise but is now a tourism hot-spot - however Las Negras retains it´s special charm with it´s whitewashed houses on the shores of the Mediterranean, where the fishermen still leave their boats, bringing them up to the volcanic rock and dark sands of the beach.

With all it´s tourism and summer activity, Las Negras has it´s secret gem just a short boat ride away - Behind Cerro Negro, to the east (two hour leisurely walk) you will find the tropicalesque oasis of Cala San Pedro.

As you walk around the mountain 200 metres above sea level the bay opens out before you with stunning views across the sea and mountains leaving you with the WOW factor! Continuing on the narrow path towards the sea, you will notice some small dwellings built into the rock, but as you approach the Castle from which the bay takes it´s name, the wild surrounding gradually turn into beautifully maintained landscaped paths and small gardens. There is a fresh water spring and lots of heavily loaded Pomegranite trees, which will refresh the body after the long walk.

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